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The Reading Room - 2019



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Short Works





The Dress

The Next Surgeon General Is Missing

The Sam

Three Pieces of Swiss Cheese

Snack Time

Shorts and a Tee-Shirt

Quitting Smoking

Scotch on the Rocks

46 West Drive

Syncopated Destiny


The Precipitous Writing Career of  Evelyn Jones

Columbus Was Wrong

The Contract



Murphy's Famous Clam Cowder

The Pinball Machine of My Mind


The Ransom

The Question

A Cup of Tea

A Second Career

The Christmas Letter

My Life

That Is The Question

A Baked Potato

A Goldfish in a Bowl


The Clarinet Lesson


The Re-Awakening

All Life Should Be by the Light of the Moon

A Special Day

Rainy Thursday

The Lunch

A Literary Conundrum

The Tree Stump

The Department of Stupidity

The Christmas Feast


A Frangile Peace

Goodnight Computer






Ten Ways To Alleviate Boredom

No Data

Is The Grass Greener?

To Last a Lifetime

The Dome

Shades of Gray

I Wonder About the Squirrel

The Daisy Trilogy

Premeditated Fraud

The Snow Family

The Non-Sequitur

As She Prepared Their Dinner

Fifteen Minutes of Fame

The Waiter

The Fig Newton Challenge

A Chocoholic's Credo

Wall Street Twist

The Laugh Quotient

The Turning Point

The Tasting

The Fair-Haired Girl

The Event

The New Kid On The Block

The Metaphor

The Shrimp Dinner

The Journey

Sad but True

Sixty-three Days

The Penguin

Friday Night

One More Time

The Transformation of Fredericka Carlton

Gary Campbell

Chocolate Cake

The Walk

Twenty-two Miles

As Usual



The Violin

The Man

Three Profiles


No More Sitting






A Talk With Mother Nature

Where Is There?


The List

Genius On Vacation

Robert's Weekend


The Tuesday Quandary

The Process



Feed The Beast

The Note

A Perfect Sleep

The Fifth Friday

The Vacation

Rain and the Robin

After the Storm

Signs of Spring

A New Beginning

A Good Day

Waiting for the Train

How to Get High Blood Pressure in One Easy Lesson

The Phone Call

James Letang, Genealogist

Hitherto Unknown

Ten Sentences

The Proof

Another Look at Fifteen Minutes of Fame

Fried Chicken

A Toast

An Anniversary

The Paint Box

Another Cup of Tea

Jenny's Language

If It Sticks...
















There Is No Such Thing As The Moon


In Love Forever

Winter solstice

How I Love You


You and I


I Wait for Rain

Times Remembered

The End of April

The Lake

The Dogma of Grief

A Half-Dozen Little Necks

Gentle Breezes

A Boat in a Tree

The End

Your True Love

Lovers Parting

The Music of Time

A Special Warmth

Your Presence

Crossing the Ocean

New Tomorrows

First Awakenings

Two Hearts Now As One

Love Story

When Love

Forever As One

Slaying The Dragon


A Slow Walk To Nowhere

Creating a Blog

The Greatest Love of All

A Leap of Faith

The Feather of Fate

Heaven Remembers

Life's New Blog

3 Haiku - 2/12/19

The Stealthy Stalking of Bees

Disjointed Metaphors

Your True Love

3 Haiku - 2/27/19

Forever the Moment

At Home in New York

The Future


A Cold Winter Night

The Pale Sky

Two Kinds of Stories

Happiness Surrenders

The List

Snowy Night

Pristine Snow

Happily Never After

Glory Days Are Here

Another Day Closer To Spring

The Sun


3 Haiku - 3/20/19

The World Goes Forward

3 Tanka Poems - 3/25/19

Timeless Interventions

A Woodpecker

I'll Take Manhattan

The End of Time

Fate Has Set The Day

Happiness Surrenders

A Second Chance



Paradoxical Order

Forever the Moment

Happily Never After

3 Three-line Poems - 4/30/19

Tired of Chasing Rainbows

A Second Heart

The Rhythm of Life

The State of the World

For A Friend

The Essence of Love

In The Land Of Their Own Making

The Fake Poet

Free Will

A Dream

The Bicycle and the Balloon

The Process Goes On

New Dimensions

Redefining Borders

The Feather of Fate

He Watched the Rain


Forest Views

The Beach


On A Roller-Coaster of Fate

The River of Time

A Bleak November Day

Her Birthday - November 22nd

Heaven Remembers

Christmas at Macy's

Where Do Rainbows Go?

New Tomorrows


Reading the Blogs

A Cinammon Fan

Flying Free


Follow the Dream

The Process

Waiting for the Train

A Gourmet's Delight



Fighting the System

Marigolds and Thyme

Defining the Way

Summer Glories

June 20th

The 23rd

Only Love That It Once Knew

Summer Rites


Every Day

3 Happy Haiku - 7/11/19

In a Journal of the Mind

Shadows of Mountains

A Slow Walk to Nowhere

Finishing the Thought

Afternoon Watch

The Next Ice Age

Praying for a Blizzard

Syrup Drips

The Bottom of the Sea


For Jane


The Romance of Home

Revealing the Prophecy

Remain Silent

To Go Forward

The Drifting of Time


As Fall Reawakens

Autumnal Equinox

A Hint of Fall

Autumn Glories

Tours of Manhattan

Not Quite Ready for Winter


Lover's Crescendo

Christmas Images

A Brand New Day

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