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New Works, Projects & Works in Progress

August 2017

Dear Friends and Colleagues,

Since my last letter in July two novellas have been released as eBooks: Reinvented and An Accidental Journey on, Barnes & Noble and iBooks and Iíve written new short pieces and poetry.

Right now Iím in the midst of writing two new novellas simultaneously Ė one is a semi-sequel to An Accidental Journey called Clarissa, the Gallery which picks up with the opening of Clarissaís art gallery and proceeds, via events at the gallery, through her and Benís married life and Amyís progress in her quest to obtain a career as a ballerina.

The other book is a murder mystery series featuring Nicolette Taylor, an archaeologist who specializes on the thirteen tribes of Native American Indians on Long Island, NY, but finds herself, and her closest friend and fellow archaeologist, Lauren Chessman, in the middle of a variety of situations where her background and instincts play a key role in the bad guys getting exactly what they deserve.

As Iím writing Iím amazed that Iím currently working on a book of happy endings and murders at the same time Ė am I discovering a new dimension to my personality? Split? I have no idea how to answer that rhetorical question other than to say that I donít really care as long as I keep writing. Iíll leave it to those who know me well enough to decide. But I always say that I write whatever comes out of the pencil (yes, I still write everything in long-hand with a pencil and paper)

Which brings me to the Mister C Letters. One person described them as being like the Andy Rooney segments on 60 Minutes. I also think of them as similar to Benjamin Franklinís Silence Dogood Letters Ė either way, or whether either is true, I hope they give you a laugh. If you'd like a copy e-mail for a free pdf. 

The same addrees for the anothology of my poetry How and Other Poems -

And you can read some of the fiction and poetry on these journals: Visitant, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Friday Flash Fiction, Every Writer, Grey Sparrow Journal, Leaves of Ink, Eskimo Pie, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Bookends Review, Dual Coast Magazine, Literally Stories  

My memorial sketch 9/12 will be published in two journals simultaneously in September - Literally Stories (TBA) and Mused Literary Review on September 22nd.

On the musical front Art of Sound Music remains my home publisher. They've released a total of 37 pieces in a wide range of styles and instrumentation and have another 20 pieces queued for future release so I hope you'll visit AOSM often to see and ďhearĒ all of my pieces currently available as well looking around the entire catalogue and all the other composersí works. Theyíre a wonderful publisher and Ed and Craig are great guys to work with. And please donít forget to visit my other publishers and suppliers: Norsk-Percussion - Bourne Company - Carl Fischer Ė Theodore Presser Company Ė J.W. Pepper - Sheet Music Plus - Carolyn Nussbaum Music Ė Flute World and JustFlutes.

I hope everyone is having a wonderful summer.

I look forward to hearing from you all.

Happy reading,


To commission a work and/or speak with Bruce about musical or stage direction contact him at


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