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 Fiction & Other Writings


Dinner With A Corpse - a Detective Winston murder mystery
Murder: Circa 1740 - a Detective Winston murder mystery
The Brimfield Web - a Detective Winston murder mystery
Caught In The Crossfire - a roman à clef show-biz thriller


Reinvented - The Jeremy Saunders Stories
An Accidental Journey - The Ben and Clarissa Stories
The Claudine and Andy Mysteries


Short Works

The Gallery - short story
Mister C - Technology Hater - humorous flash fiction
Columbus Was Wrong - humorous sketch
The Garbage Can - murder mystery short story
The Waiting Game - short story
The Countdown - short story
The Agenda - short story
Women on Broadway - short story
Pre-Production - short story
Gary Campbell - flash fiction
The Backer's Audition - short story
The Ballet Class - short story
The Audition - short story
The Piano Lesson - short story
Eight Dozen Cookies - short story
The Precipitous Writing Career of Evelyn Jones - short story
A Second Career - short story
Syncopated Destiny - flash fiction
Synchronized Chaos - short story
The Department of Stupidity - humorous sketch
Lydia-F - short story
Ronkonkoma - non-fiction sketch
Shorts and a Tee-Shirt - flash fiction
The Concerto - short story
The New Kid On The Block - short story

46 West Drive - non-fiction sketch
Undercover - mystery short story
9/12 - memorial sketch
The Ransom - humorous sketch
Madame Sarah - mystery short story
The SOHO Art Show - mystery short story
Quitting Smoking - humorous sketch
The Dress - mystery short story
Snack Time - humorous sketch
Murphy's Famous Clam Chowder - humorous sketch
Frustration - humorous sketch
The Sam - humorous sketch
Scotch on the Rocks - short story
Daisy's Life - 6 vignettes for children
Three Pieces of Swiss Cheese - humorous sketch
Harbor Neck - short story
Shades of Grays - short story
A Cup Of Tea - short story
The Next Surgeon General Is Missing - short story
The Christmas Feast - short story
The Brimfield Sketch Book - short story collection
Time Doesn’t Heal Everything - Detective Winston murder mystery
Restoration Murder - Detective Winston murder mystery
The Dome - short story



Plastic People
Woody Allen Movies
The End of April
Yellow Tulips
Sneezes and Wheezes
The Town Crier of Comics
A Profound Sadness
Times Remembered
New Beginnings

Winter solstice
That Is The Question
You And I
I Look At The Sea
In Love Forever
How I Love You
There Is No Such Thing As The Moon

Read the Journals

Visitant, Foliate Oak Literary Magazine, Friday Flash Fiction, Every Writer, Grey Sparrow Journal, Leaves of Ink, Eskimo Pie, Flash Fiction Magazine, The Bookends Review, Literally Stories

Theatre & Film
Second Street - musical drama
Ripper - screenplay
Mysteries Can Be Murder - play
Death And Bathtub Gin - play with music
Dinner Date With Death - play with music
Television - dramatic monologue
Marriage And Other Happenings - musical

The Brimfielder
The Villager


Other Writings

A Composers’ Problem – 1972
A Doublers’ Dilemma
A Performers’ Dilemma: How To Choose A Coach, Pianist Or Arranger
Hasn’t Bernstein’s Time Come?
Master Class: Neil Bonsanti
Master Class: Whitney Tustin
Music Theory In The High School
Save The Theatres
So You Want To Be A Composer…?
Teaching Materials For The Oboe
The Plight Of The Struggling Songwriter
What Kind Of Songs Belong In Children’s Theatre Musicals?
Why Not The Oboe?

Glossary and Indices
A Glossary Of Symbols Frequently Used In Avant Garde Music
New Music For The Oboe 1, 2 and 3

Leonard Bernstein: A Biographical Sketch


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