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 Fiction & Other Writings - Archive


Caught In The Crossfire - A Show-Biz Thriller
The Brimfield Web - Detective Winston murder mystery
Murder: Circa 1740 - Detective Winston murder mystery
Dinner With A Corpse - Detective Winston murder mystery


Novellas and Anthologies


An Accidental Journey

The Jeremy Saunders Stories

Ben and Clarissa

Clarissa, the Gallery 

The Embezzler
Jeremy Saunders
Christmas In July
The Theatre Bug

The Intern
Santa Claus Is Coming To Town 
Valentine's Day
The Mural
The Novel

The Piano Lesson
The Audition
The Ballet Class
The Backer's Audition
Women on Broadway
The Agenda
The Countdown
The Waiting Game

The Gallery
Alive and Well in the Hamptons
Hamptons Revisited
East Village Experience
The Art of Couture
Rural New York

The Archaeology of Murder

Mister C Letters

The Archaeology of Murder
Nicolette Taylor Murder Mysteries

The Garbage Can
The Woodfield Hunt Club
The Arrowhead



Claudine and Andy Mysteries
The Dress
The SOHO Art Show
Madame Sarah

Detective Winston Mysteries
Restoration Murder
Time Doesn’t Heal Everything


Technology Hater
House and Car Hater
Fake Food Hater
The Politically Correct Hater
Weather Hater
The Idiot Driver Hater
Sun and Water Hater
Robocall and Telemarketer Hater
Bottled Water and Hump-Back Hater
The New Lexicon Hater
Tattoo Hater
Political Hack Hater

Picture Hater
Wardrobe Hater
Environmentalist Hater
Spastic Gyration Hater
Television Commercial Hater
Parking Lot Hater
Pop Music Hater
New Lexicon Hater - Redux
Text Language and Acronym Hater
Disease Paranoia Hater
Vacation Hater
Mister C's Dream Home

Short Works

Other Places, Other Times (1990-2018)

My Life - humorous sketch
The Christmas Letter - 100 word sketch
Daisy Has Me Well Trained - humorous CNF
How To Get Stung By A Dead Bee - humorous CNF sketch
The Question - flash fiction
A Note From Mister C - humorous flash fiction
Hell Hath No Fury - short story
No-Way - 100 word humorous sketch
Birds of a Feather - short story
The Scholarship - short story
Lonely - creative nonfiction
A New Tomorrow - short story
Another Day In Paradise... - CNF sketch
The Deception - short story
The Commission - short story
The Cove - short story
The Tree Stump - flash fiction
The Parking Space - CNF sketch
It's Better In New York - An Open Letter - CNF sketch
The Pinball Machine of My Mind - humorous sketch
I Wonder About the Squirrel - CNF sketch
Mornings on Daisy's Porch - children's flash fiction
Tristan and the Encounter - short story
The Metaphor - flash fiction
Tina - short story
The Contract - flash fiction
Mister C's Dream Home - short story
Columbus Was Wrong - humorous sketch
Gary Campbell - flash fiction

Eight Dozen Cookies - short story
The Precipitous Writing Career of Evelyn Jones - short story
A Second Career - short story
Syncopated Destiny - flash fiction
Synchronized Chaos - short story
The Department of Stupidity - humorous flash fiction
Lydia-F - short story
Ronkonkoma - CNF sketch
Shorts and a Tee-Shirt - humorous CNF sketch
The Concerto - short story
The New Kid On The Block - short story
46 West Drive - CNF sketch
9/12 - memorial sketch
The Ransom - humorous mystery sketch
Quitting Smoking - humorous CNF sketch
Snack Time - CNF sketch
Murphy's Famous Clam Chowder - CNF sketch
Frustration - sketch
The Sam - humorous sketch
Scotch on the Rocks - short story
Daisy's Life - 6 vignettes for children
Three Pieces of Swiss Cheese - humorous flash fiction
Harbor Neck - short story
Shades of Grays - short story
A Cup Of Tea - short story
The Christmas Feast - CNF short story
The Next Surgeon General Is Missing - short story
The Brimfield Sketch Book - non-fiction collection
The Dome - short story



Times Forgotten, Times Remembered (1966 - 2018)

There Is No Such Thing As The Moon
How I Love You
In Love Forever
I Look At The Sea
You And I
That Is The Question
Winter solstice
New Beginnings
Times Remembered
A Profound Sadness
The Town Crier of Comics
Sneezes and Wheezes
Yellow Tulips
The End of April
Woody Allen Movies
Plastic People
The Lake
The End
Old New York
Winter's Grace
The Land of the Living Dead
The Eye of the Storm
A Pocket Full of Weeks
And the Making of New Memories
Christmas Images
The Crooked Tree The Quest (complete)
To Start Another Day
On a Roller-Coaster of Fate
Building a Bridge
The Dogma of Grief The River of Time

The Butterflies Are Back
We're Going Home
The Romance of Home
Another Lifetime
The Age of Technology
At Home in New York
An Alternate Universe
I'll Take Manhattan
The Ages of Time
Gentle Breezes
The First Heat Wave
Narcissism Extraordinaire
The 4th of July
The Storm That's Coming
The Precipice of Sanity
Half Empty Bed
Why God?
The Music of Time
A Half-Dozen Little Necks
One Last Time
A Book
Late Afternoon
An Empty Life
The Tree of Life
After The Storm
As Good As It's Going To Get
Pathways of Time
To Go Forward
Munchkin Creatures
Back To Who I Am
New Tomorrows
First Awakenings
Being Old
Your Picture
A Special Warmth
Moments Yet To Come

Your True Love
Loers Parting
The Lowly Yoyo
As Good As It's Going To Get
The Seesaw
Reality Forsaken
A Dream
Overwhelmed By Our Love
Your Presence
Crossing The Ocean
Loving You
Forever As One
When Love
Two Hearts Now As One
Only Love
Love Story
Going Home
The Greatest Love Of All
Deloris Duck
The Sun
John the Fish
Tom Turtle
Glory Days Are Here
Another Day Down
Christopher Cricket
Our Love Light
For My Wife
Fate Has Set The Day
A Second Chance
Van Gogh
Her Birthday - November 22nd
A Second Heart
Empty Hours
Christmas at Macy's
Christmas Wishes
Every Day


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