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 Fiction & Other Writings s


1966 to 2018

Other Writings

New Pieces - 2019


Short Works

A Goldfish in a Bowl
A Baked Potato
Ten Ways to Alleviate Boredom
The Clarinet Lesson
The Re-Awakening
All Life Should Be by the Light of the Moon
Rainy Thursday
The Lunch
Wall Street Twist
A Literary Conundrum
My Culinary Skills
The Wine Bottle
Is The Grass Greener?

Premeditated Fraud
Submitting Is No Fun
Not Eating
Submitting Is No Fun
Not Eating
A Chocoholic's Credo
The Traffic Jam
The Unanswered Questions
A Fig Newton Challenge
Fifteen Minutes of Fame
The Non-Sequitur
The Snow Family
The Waiter
The Laugh Quotient


The Turning Point
The Tasting
The Fair-Haired Girl
The Shrimp Dinner
The Journey
Sad but True
Sixty-three Days
Friday Night
One More Time
The Transformation of Fredericka Carlton
The Walk
Twenty-two Miles
As Usual
The Violin
The Man
Three Profiles
A Talk With Mother Nature
The List
Genius On Vacation
Robert's Weekend
The Tuesday Quandry
The Process


The Note
The Perfect Sleep
The Fifth Friday
The Vacation
After the Storm
Signs of Spring
The Game
A New Beginning
A Good Day
The Phone Call
How to Get High Blood Pressure in One Easy Lesson
James Letang, Genealogist
Hitherto Unknown
The Proof
The Reunion
Another Look at Fifteen Minutes of Fame
Fried Chicken
If It Sticks...
A Toast
Friday Morning
An Anniversary
The Paint Box
Another Cup of Tea
Bethany's Dream
Jenny's Language
The Brass Ring


100 or Less

A Special Day
Goodnight Computer
No Data
A Reply
The Blue Circle
The Decision
The Bicycle

Writer's Block
The Mystery
The Arrival
The Event
The Penguin
Chocolate Cake
No More Sitting
Where Is There?
Feed The Beast
I Miss Christmas


50-Word Stories

No More Sitting
The Lollipop
Rain and the Robin
Waiting for the Train

The Blog Posts
Her New Bicycle
The Parade
Christmas in December


One-Sentence Stories

He Watched the Rain
The Biting Cold of Winter
His Dog Slept Peacefully

To Last a Lifetime
A Fragile Peace

Their Relationship
As She Prepared Their Dinner
She Struggled With The Game
Free Will
The Experiment






A Slow Walk To Nowhere
A Cold Winter Night
A Glimpse of Spring
As I Walk My Dog
The First Real Snowfall
He Watched the Rain
A Dream
The Last Poem
The Future
Ulysses Unicorn
Lover's Crescendo
Only The Few
Creating a Blog
Tired of Chasing Rainbows
The Pale Sky
The Feather of Fate
Heaven Remembers
The Stealthy Stalking of Bees
Disjointed Metaphors
Life's New Blog
Happiness Surrenders
The List
Snowy Night
Pristine Snow
Happily Never After
Another Day Closer To Spring
The World Goes Forward
Timeless Interventions A Woodpecker
The End of Time
Paradoxical Order
Forever the Moment
Killer Illusions
To The Painters of the East End
The Lonely Traveler
The Rhythm of Life
A Novel Choice
The Art of Geniosity

For A Friend
The State of the World
The Essence of Love
In The Land Of Their Own Making
The Fake Poet
Free Will
The Bicycle and the Balloon
The Process Goes On
New Dimensions
Redefining Borders
Forest Views
Where Do Rainbows Go?
Reading the Blogs
A Cinnamon Fan
Flying Free
Followthe Dream
Forever A Blanket
The Process
Fighting the System
Defining the Way
Summer Glories
Manhattan Lullaby
Time In Repose
Marigolds and Thyme
The End of the Dirt Road
June 20th
In Pursuit of Happiness
The 23rd
In a Journal of the Mind
Only Love That It Once Knew
Summer Rites
Chocolate Dreams
As We Become Who We Are
A Bleak November Day
A Brand New Day

Early Morning
Finishing the Thought
Afternoon Watch
The Next Ice Age
Syrup Drips
The Bottom of the Sea
Praying for a Blizzard
Revealing the Prophecy
For Jane
As Fall Reawakens
The Painter
The Drifting of Time
A Hint of Fall
The Beach
Tours of Manhattan
Empty Days
Golden Moments
A Future to Behold
Autumnal Equinox
Words Count
New Horizons
Solitary Confinement
A Cornucopia of Color
Apple Fritters
Blue Jays and Cardinals
A Kangaroo in Paradise
Where Is Time?
The Road Ahead
The Muse and The Mall
A Rite of Passage
Another Empty Page
Frozen Tundra
The Unknown End
Not Quite Ready for Winter
Cascading Thoughts
The End of the Year




Three Line

A Steadfast Rhythm
A Feather in the Wind
Halcyon days gone by
The silence of now
Searching in the dust
Frozen moments last
February days
March madness happens
Spring gladdens the heart
In the opem air
Further down the road
Wanting inner peace
Spring is on the wing
Wild geese appear

Trees burst into leaf
Sultry golden days
Blazing summer heat
Ev'ning summer breeze
Summer birds in flight
Golden days ahead
Being together
Happiness abounds
Walking hand in hand
Fall leaves turn colors
Cool crisp autumn air
Glories yet unknown
Open to the wind

I wander the yard
Heroes come and go
Following the day


The longest road
The delete key
Unforgotten sorrows
A Leap of Faith
Half way to nowhere
Blue Cobalt
Two Kinds of Stories
Forgotten embers
Frozen mem'ries
Fleeting moments

Long forgotten daydreams
Chocolate squares of Heaven
Flying on a north wind
The fulfillment of reality





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